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A while ago Tamar van Wezel decided to join her two careers into one.

From 1989 until 2005 she worked as a jockey and she is the owner of "Startbox" training stables. In the  ninetees she had a jeweller's shop called "Tamar ornamental jewels".


Tamar van Wezel comes from a well-known family of jewellers. By combining the notions of horses and of jewellery Shergar was created. Shergar is an exclusive line of jewellery which ties passion for horses into the beauty of gems. Shergar is in cooperation with a prominent British company which has produced hand-made ornamental jewellery for over 100 years.
Shergar has the exclusive right for the Benelux .

Moreover, these ornaments of racehores and poloponies are unique as the enamelled jewels depict the riders  in the colours of the owners, which of course give the jewels a very personal look.


One can choose from a wide selection including all the various disciplines of equestrian sports.

In case you have ideas for your own design,
Shergar offers the possibility to develop your concept and have your own personal jewel produced.
Shergar will be most happy to be of assistance in helping you make the best choice.